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Kenneth H. Holt

Title: Partner
Zeidman Spencer Beverly & Holt, LLP
9 Greenway Plaza, Suite 500
Houston, Texas 77046


Office: (713)403-4200
Fax: (713)403-4201


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Meeting Schedule

Tuesday Mornings
Biweekly - Tuesdays
11:30 am to 1:00 pm
Lakeside Country Club
100 Wilcrest Drive
Houston, Texas 77042

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Message from the Vice President: The Agenda

Remember the last time you went to a meeting and nothing was accomplished? Worse yet, an individual or group attempted to take over and run the meeting?

Holding a meeting without an agenda is an invitation to disputes, disengagement and a general waste of time for all parties. Of all the undertakings that corporations and groups utilize on a frequent basis is the “meeting” and most meetings fail to produce their desired outcome.